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Mastering the Shoulder Advanced

Level II: Advanced Orthopedics

Course Summary

Mastering the Shoulder ADVANCED ™ revised for 2020. MTS prerequisite available in Canada 2019. 
Class size is limited - view our recent course feedback and results here...

Our Mastering the Shoulder ADVANCED™ course is for all practitioners wanting to cover the more advanced shoulder rehabilitation topics and is a direct follow on from Mastering the Shoulder™. These disorders are placed in the 'hard to treat' category by many practitioners and this course will simplify these problems by offering a range of clinically tested and evidence informed treatment strategies.

Mastering the Shoulder ADVANCED™ takes an indepth look at all the advanced shoulder topics that can challenge every practitioner:

Integrated Case Studies (I-II) will be introduced to test your skills along with the opportunity to apply for Advanced Certification after the completion of this course. Applications for certification will begin in early 2019.

Substantial time has been added for in depth practical sessions!


Completion of a Mastering the Shoulder™ course. 

Who Should Attend ?

All Physiotherapists
Sports Physicians 
Athletic Therapists

Occupational Therapists
Kinesiologists involved in Rehabilitation

Course Fees 2020

Early Bird* Regular
$855 CAD $955 CAD

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Topics at a Glance

Day 1

Advanced Examination Skills
Dislocation Management
Shoulder Replacements - TSA & rTSA
Integrated Case Studies I

Day 2

Advanced Practice
Calcific Tendinopathy
Integrated Case Studies II
Scapular Dyskinesis

Full Course Outline

DAY I - Mastering the Shoulder ADVANCED ™ - Level II: Advanced Orthopedics

7:40 am Registration
8:00 am
Advanced Examination Skills
  • Using Special Orthopedic Tests
  • Unraveled - how tests are done, what to be aware of and how to interpret the stats!
  •     Instability and Labral testing
  •     GH and clavicular instabilities
  •     Subacromial tests
  •     Scapula dyskinesias
  • Neurological tests
  • Combining special tests 
9:15 am

Advanced Examination Skills - Practical Applications

10:30 am Break
10:45 am
Shoulder Replacements - TSA & rTSA
  • Development, use and functional performance
  • Pre surgical management
  • Post surgical management
  • ActiveShoulder guidelines and limits
  • Surgeons vs Physiotherapists perspective
11:45 am Q & A -  Shoulder Replacements
12:00 pm
Integrated Case Studies I - Differential Diagnosis
  • A full clinical case work up to illustrate the need for, and challenge your diagnostic skills.
1:00 pm Lunch Break
1:45 pm
Dislocation Management - assessment, treatment & controversies
  • Initial, recurrent and post surgical dislocations
  • Non-surgical vs Surgical options for dislocation
  • Current surgical understandings and changes in management
  • ActiveShoulder exercise progressions and emphasis
  • Surgical reconstruction - Bankart, Remplissage or Latarjet ?
  • Return to sport guidelines and factors
  • Prevention strategies and bracing / taping
3:00 pm Q & A - Dislocation Managment
3:15 pm Break
3:30 pm
Dislocation Management - Practical
  • Preferred manual therapy options and cautions
  • ActiveShoulder exercise options, emphasis and recommended progressions
  • Taping and Bracing testing
5:00 pm Finish


DAY II - Mastering the Shoulder ADVANCED ™ - Level II: Advanced Orthopedics

8:00 am Registration
8:15 am
Advanced Orthopedic Practice 

Q&A related to offering Sub-specialty MSK Practice in the clinical setting

8:45 am
Calcific Tendinopathy
  • Assessment and diagnostic findings
  • Correct use of imaging strategies
  • Lifecycle, evaluation and choice of treatment
  • ActiveShoulder treatments, multidisciplinary and ongoing management
  • Complex treatment considerations involving cuff injury or capsulitis
9:45 am Q & A - Calcific Tendinopathy / Break
10:15 am
Integrated Case Studies II - Clinical Management
  • Full clinical case study to identify important clinical management concepts.
11:30 am Q & A - Case Studies I & II 
12:00 pm Lunch Break
12:45 pm
Scapular Dyskinesis I & II - primary & secondary dyskinesis
  • Classification and measurement of dyskinesis - differences around the globe.
  • Primary MSK and neurological disorders
  • Secondary disorders
  • Static & dynamic measurements
  • Symptom modification tests
  • OKC and CKC tests
  • Disorders of the Scapula and the 'missing literature'
  • ActiveShoulder methods, clinical options and recommended treatment approaches
2:15 pm Q & A - Scapula Dyskinesis
2:30 pm Break
2:45 pm
Scapular Dyskinesis - Practical
  • Analysis of movement using OKC and CKC tests
  • ActiveShoulder identification, exercise strategies and progressions
  • Recommended integration methods for ideal upper quadrant movement
  • Practice of individual skills and proper technique
  • Recommended cues and methods of facilitation
4:30 pm Evaluations / Finish


Learning Outcomes

Advanced Examination Skills

Shoulder Replacements - TSA & rTSA

Integrated Case Studies I - II

Dislocation Management - assessment, treatment & controversies

Advanced Orthopedic Practice

Calcific Tendinopathy

Scapular Dyskinesis

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Very knowledgeable, highly recommended (Advanced course).
—A. Tanalgo, Ontario, Ortho PT
Scapular dyskinesia - very impressed, awesome presentation (Advanced course)
—V. Patnala, Ontario, Senior Ortho PT
Immediately applicable tools and techniques, succinct and organized resources to help in my clinical practice (Advanced Course).
—L. Hall, Ontario, Ortho PT
Well divided between theoretical and practical components. Awesome course! (Advanced course).
—R. Luczynski, Ontario, Ortho PT
Great example videos of different types of dyskinesis. Great corrective exercises. (Advanced course).
—B. Bradstreet, Ontario, Ortho PT
Great instructor. Great course. Well taught, clinically useful and very practical.
—K. Brennan, Halifax, Ortho PT

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