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Mastering the Shoulder Essential

Level I: Essential Orthopedics

Course Summary

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Our Mastering the Shoulder course is for all physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals seeking post graduate information with an emphasis on the essential skills for treating a variety of shoulder disorders. 

Mastering the Shoulder ESSENTIAL covers all the fundamental topics to update your shoulder expertise:

Introducing Tissue Specific Treatment protocols (TSTp) for a variety of disorders:

Additional time has been added to this course for Q&A periods, along with significant practical time to improve your understanding of the course material.


University degree in rehabilitation or medicine

Who Should Attend ?

All Physiotherapists
Sports Physicians 
Occupational Therapists
Athletic Therapists


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Topics at a Glance

Day 1

Clinical Anatomy & Pathology
Examination Skills
Diagnosing Shoulder Disorders
Adhesive Capsulitis

Day 2

Tendinopathies & Bursitis
Acromioclavicular Injuries
Rotator Cuff Injuries
Shoulder Impingement

Full Course Outline

DAY I - Mastering the Shoulder - Level I: Essential Orthopedics

8:30 am Registration
9:00 am
Clinical Anatomy & Pathology
Review of relevant surface anatomy & gross anatomy including:
  • Microanatomy of the rotator cuff
  • Rotator interval
  • Labral pathology
  • Key bursal anatomy
10:00 am
Examination Skills
  • Essential components of a comprehensive examination
  • Cross checking your information
  • Selected special tests of the shoulder
11:00 am Break
11:15 am
Examination Skills - Practical
  • The 5 minute ActiveShoulder exam
  • Q & A with Case Studies
12:00 pm
Diagnosing Shoulder Disorders
  • Differential diagnosis - what are my options?
  • False positives and false negatives
  • When and which imaging should be applied
  • MSK disorders & beyond - what else should I be looking for?
1:00 pm Lunch Break
1:45 pm
Adhesive Capsulitis - diagnosis, new classifications & protocols
  • Differentials and classification of shoulder stiffness
  • Biomechanical effects of adhesive capsulitis
  • Imaging needs - what’s necessary?
  • Refined examination and treatment strategies
  • ActiveShoulder rehabilitation protocols
  • Injection management - current evidence, choices and clinical approaches
  • Surgical approaches and outcomes
3:15 pm Q & A Adhesive Capsulitis
3:30 pm Break
3:45 pm
Adhesive Capsulitis - Practical
  • Preferred manual therapy options
  • Manual therapy cautions
  • ActiveShoulder exercise strategies and progressions
5:00 pm Finish

DAY II - Mastering the Shoulder - Level I: Essential Orthopedics

8:30 am Registration
9:00 am
Tendinopathies & Bursitis - comprehensive rehabilitation strategies
  • The tendinopathy continuum and bursitis management
  • Classification and management options
  • Accelerated recovery methods - basic to advanced rehabilitation
  • ActiveShoulder protocols for cuff & bicep tendinopathies
  • ActiveShoulder protocols for bursitis
  • Prevention strategies for your patients
  • Surgical options and recovery times
10:00 am Q & A Tendinopathies & Bursitis
10:15 am Break
10:30 am
Tendinopathies & Bursitis - Practical
  • Exercise protocols - basic to advanced exercise methods
  • Manual therapy - clinical pearls and recommended techniques
12:00 pm
Acromioclavicular Injuries - current concepts
  • Clinical review of AC joint anatomy
  • Classifications and new updates for the AC joint
  • Instabilities of the AC joint and treatment methods
12:45 pm Q & A Acromioclavicular Injuries
1:00 pm Lunch Break
1:45 pm
Rotator Cuff Injuries - new concepts, protocols & management
  • Biomechanics of the cuff: ideal vs. pathological
  • Exercise strategies for non-surgical management
  • Surgical indicators and management
  • Rotator cuff surgical protocols - controversies and updates
2:45 pm Q & A Rotator Cuff Injuries
3:00 pm Break
3:15 pm
Rotator Cuff Injuries - Practical
  • Preferred manual therapy options
  • Manual therapy cautions
  • ActiveShoulder exercise strategies
4:00 pm
A Second look at Shoulder Impingement - what’s the cause?
  • Differential diagnosis of impingement
  • Imaging support
  • Treatment trials
  • Manual therapy and exercise approaches
  • Injection options
5:00 pm Evaluations / Finish


Learning Outcomes

Clinical Anatomy & Pathology

Examination Skills

Diagnosing Shoulder Disorders

Adhesive Capsulitis

Tendinopathies & Bursitis

Acromioclavicular Injuries

Rotator Cuff Injuries


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Mastering the Shoulder Essential Level I

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Fantastic - will change how I examine and treat shoulders.
—K. Jeans, Calgary, Senior Ortho PT
Very informative. Completely changed the way I look at shoulder exercise and treatment.
—D.McSorley, Halifax, Ortho PT
Loved it. Very relevant. Can’t wait to incorporate this new knowledge with my next shoulder Ax.
—J. Calon, Edmonton, Senior Ortho PT
Very happy that I took the course, will absolutely change the way that I look at assessment and exercise prescription for the shoulder.
—R. Heimbach, Kelowna, Ortho PT
I really liked the high quality manuals and materials. I felt this course provided very good value.
—C. Chatwin, Vancouver, Ortho PT
Excellent course - great treatment and assessment tips
—K. Mang, Edmonton, Senior Ortho PT
Clinically relevant information. I feel as though I can apply these concepts at my clinic on Monday.
—A. Taylor, Calgary, Ortho PT

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