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Certification Update 2020


Examination will be in the form of a timed online examination comprising multiple choice and short answer questions. The format and content of this examination is in mid-development and we will have this available to registrants on completion of the Level III MTS™ Specialty course.

Examination fees and further details will be posted as the certification process begins.

All clinicians that have completed the SPECIALTY course will be contacted to consider applying for certification. 


We originally planned for certifications to be made available after the Advanced Course. Feedback from participants and the required content for certification has led us to offering a single certification option after completion of all three courses.

ActiveShoulder will be offering certification for any successful applicant after completion of the SPECIALTY course within the MTS™ Series. We believe this will consolidate the required skills for advanced shoulder practice and make the certification process stronger for all graduates.

The certification program will be offering the following benefits to successful registrants: 

Further information to follow shortly. Stay tuned!


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