Mastering the Shoulder Series
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Why Choose ASCS?
  1. Our Experience & Research

    Our experience continues to grow in treating both common and rare disorders along with regular multidisciplinary management and rehabilitation. More than a decade has been spent in assessing and treating a variety of shoulder disorders representing more than 95% of our workload in clinical practice. 

  2. Our Detailed Instruction

    All of our courses and seminars are dedicated to clear instruction, detailed reasoning and substantial practical and discussion time with the instructor(s). Information includes multidisciplinary management that combines information from specialists in radiology, surgery, neurology, rheumatology and sports medicine. 

  3. Our Professional Feedback

    Over 400 physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals have ranked these courses as excellent since our teaching program began in 2014. These courses have resonated with new graduates looking to understand the shoulder in a clinical setting, through to senior clinicians with more than 30 years experience looking for current and advanced treatment skills that have attended “all the shoulder courses”. View our professional testimonials

  4. Advanced Clinical Solutions

    This is what guides our teaching syllabus. Busy clinicians wanting to provide efficient and prolonged outcomes for their patients. Streamlined assessment and diagnostics are taught in each course along with a combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise methods for both simple and complex disorders. 

  5. Immediate Effects Tomorrow

    These seminars and courses will allow you to apply a new working knowledge immediately and cut through the complexity of examining and treating the shoulder. Many of our participants have spoken of their interest in applying these concepts immediately into their clinical practice.

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