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Professional Testimonials

“Fantastic - will change how I examine and treat shoulders.”
—K. Jeans, Calgary, Senior Ortho PT

“Every physio should know all of this in this detail.”
—K. Wilson, Calgary, Ortho PT

“Very knowledgeable, highly recommended (Advanced course).”
—A. Tanalgo, Ontario, Ortho PT

“Very informative. Completely changed the way I look at shoulder exercise and treatment.”
—D.McSorley, Halifax, Ortho PT

“Excellent!! The course was knowledge based, had a foundation in evidence as well as extensive clinical experience, and provided a wealth of excellent exercise programs...”
—E. Hornick, Calgary, Senior Ortho PT

“Great teaching ability. Excellent course. This can add so much to my practice. Very good information and practical.”
—S. Coulthart, Ottawa, Senior Ortho PT

“Greatly presented, Cameron did not leave any of us with unanswered questions.”
—M. Bishai, Ottawa, Senior Ortho PT

“Love the specificity and short time frame to determine DDx/Dx.”
—K. Pries, Calgary, Ortho PT

“Loved it. Very relevant. Can’t wait to incorporate this new knowledge with my next shoulder Ax.”
—J. Calon, Edmonton, Senior Ortho PT

“Your experience - so specific - that’s also the therapist I want to see. Evidence based and easy to follow.”
—K. Hodson, Calgary, Senior Ortho PT

“Scapular dyskinesia - very impressed, awesome presentation (Advanced course)”
—V. Patnala, Ontario, Senior Ortho PT

“Will help me a lot to be more specific in my treatments. Loved the discussion & teaching on differentiating tendinopathy / bursitis / cuff tears.”
—E. Dugas, Halifax, Ortho PT

“Very happy that I took the course, will absolutely change the way that I look at assessment and exercise prescription for the shoulder.”
—R. Heimbach, Kelowna, Ortho PT

“I really liked the high quality manuals and materials. I felt this course provided very good value.”
—C. Chatwin, Vancouver, Ortho PT

“Immediately applicable tools and techniques, succinct and organized resources to help in my clinical practice (Advanced Course).”
—L. Hall, Ontario, Ortho PT

“Excellent speaker, easy-going manner, approachable, very knowledgeable.”
—B. Parnell, Ottawa, Senior Ortho PT

“Excellent presenter, very easy going, open and clearly very knowledgeable. An excellent course for pearls of treatment for shoulder injuries.”
—W. Russell, Calgary, Senior Ortho PT

“Excellent information directly applicable to my practice. Excited to see improved care and outcomes in my patients.”
—M. Waddell, Ontario, Ortho PT

“Excellent; very clinically relevant.”
—K. Graham, Edmonton, Senior Ortho PT

“Great practical skills that can be used in the clinic the next day!”
—L. Peterson, Calgary, Ortho PT

“Well divided between theoretical and practical components. Awesome course! (Advanced course).”
—R. Luczynski, Ontario, Ortho PT

“Great presenter and very open to questions. This course will help me to better assess and treat my shoulder patients. Thank you very much!”
—C. Henderson, Nova Scotia, Senior Ortho PT

“Covers many aspects, manageable, immediately applicable in clinic.”
—K. Milligan, Edmonton, Senior Ortho PT

“Very helpful. Lots of detailed info that may not be covered in most physio university programs.”
—C. Muir, Nova Scotia, Ortho PT

“Excellent course - great treatment and assessment tips”
—K. Mang, Edmonton, Senior Ortho PT

“Great example videos of different types of dyskinesis. Great corrective exercises. (Advanced course).”
—B. Bradstreet, Ontario, Ortho PT

“Quite interesting and dynamic; detailed manual and very engaging presentation.”
—T. Tucci, Calgary, Ortho PT

“Great, feel much more confident to treat shoulders / answer prognosis questions and injection questions. Very different approach to what I learnt in school.”
—C. McCabe, Edmonton, Ortho PT

“Great instructor. Great course. Well taught, clinically useful and very practical.”
—K. Brennan, Halifax, Ortho PT

“Great. Thorough and up-to-date research.”
—J. Kireti, Ontario, Senior Ortho PT

“Great course, presenter very knowledgable - great exercise prescriptions, course manual and handouts.”
—R. K-Amirault, Halifax, Senior Ortho PT

“Clear, entertaining, informative, practical - can use information immediately in practice.”
—B. Anderson, Edmonton, Ortho PT

“Very applicable!! A great review of anatomy, pathologies and treatments specific to the pathologies discussed. Very clinically relevant - I will definitely use my new found knowledge tomorrow.”
—C. Hon, Calgary, Ortho PT

“Awesome overall. Very informative / entertaining - good actual clinical examples.”
—S. Craig, Ontario, Ortho PT

“Great course and content - would recommend.”
—K. Sovio, Vancouver, Senior Ortho PT

“Evidence - based. Good balance of academics and practical. Covers a lot of common pathologies. Very good course for beginners and advanced practitioners.”
—M. Hall, Ottawa, Ortho PT

“Finally! A course that offers therapeutic exercises!! Awesome.”
—J. Steele, Ottawa, Ortho PT

“Great practical shoulder course.”
—J. Couture, Edmonton, Ortho PT

“A very good course for physios who are interesting in mastering the shoulder joint in detail - amazing exercise protocols.”
—G. Pawar, Ottawa, Ortho PT

“Excellent. Great info, forces a different way of thinking because it's very different than we are taught in school.”
—L. Carruthers, Nova Scotia, PT student

“Clinically relevant & based on current research / evidence.”
—D. Jones, Halifax, Senior Ortho PT

“Different approach to shoulder rehab than the ‘traditional’.”
—T. Katerenchuk, Edmonton, Ortho PT

“Would recommend to anyone & would definitely take level 2.”
—T. VanVlack, Calgary, Ortho PT

“My expectations have been met and I’m impressed.”
—JM Caro, Mississauga, Ortho PT

“Very clinically relevant. Up to date info, loved practical / exercise components.”
—W. Foote, Halifax, Senior Ortho PT

“Useful, comprehensive, will use Monday, AM!!!”
—C. Cayen, Ottawa, Senior Ortho PT

“Simpler, more practical approach than previous shoulder courses taken.”
—K. Kranz, Ottawa, Senior Ortho PT

“Great presenter, knowledgeable - awesome guidance with exercises.”
—M. Kim, Halifax, Senior Ortho PT

“Lectures were clear, concise and very informative - Great flow to course with lots of time for practical”
—Anon., Ottawa. Senior Ortho PT

“Very entertaining & knowledgeable. Excellent.”
—N. Chartier, Ottawa, Senior Ortho PT

“Enjoyed practical component - great exercise rehabilitation section in the gym”
—K. Smith, Kelowna, Ortho PT

“Great. Entertaining. Knowledgeable. Approachable - very clinical.”
—J. Leithead, Kelowna, Senior Ortho PT

“Great - looking forward to level II.”
—S. Adamson, Kelowna, Senior Ortho PT

“Excellent. Very clinically relevant. Look forward to using what I learned.”
—T. Lee, Calgary, Senior Ortho PT

“Very knowledgeable, good speaker with many clinical examples.”
—K. Field, Calgary, Senior Ortho PT

“Great mix of current literature and clinical experience.”
—C. Sliwka, Ottawa, Senior Ortho PT

“Well organized, good balance of lecture and practical.”
—E. Tripp, Ottawa, Ortho PT

“Lots of clinical applications immediately.”
—J. Boudreau, Halifax, Ortho PT

“Lots of great relevant information for practical clinical work.”
—S. Wheeler, Halifax, Senior Ortho PT

“...thought provoking new evidence for diagnosis and treatment.”
—R. Oleksyn, Calgary, Senior Ortho PT

“Well organized, you go through the material, lots of practical, useable ideas, makes it all understandable, keep teaching! Bring on Level 2. Excellent”
—D. Smith, Vancouver, Senior Ortho PT

“Informative knowledgable on the subject, good practical experience, interesting case studies.”
—M. Robbins, Vancouver, Ortho PT

“Course gives good framework approaching a number of different shoulder injuries and teaches how to differentially diagnose shoulder symptoms”
—K. Cliff, Vancouver, Senior Ortho PT

“New approach for assessing and treating shoulder problems.”
—T. Fulton, Edmonton, Senior Ortho PT

“Clinically relevant information. I feel as though I can apply these concepts at my clinic on Monday.”
—A. Taylor, Calgary, Ortho PT

“Clinically relevant and instructor is very knowledgable.”
—E. Lee, Edmonton, Senior Ortho PT

“Great information, great presenter.”
—J. Balsano, Toronto, Ortho PT

“Knowledgeable and interesting presenter. Relevant and current info. Excellent!”
—C. Long, Ottawa, Director and Senior Ortho PT

“The course does a great job of challenging your initial thinking.”
—K. Shewaga, Calgary, Ortho PT

“Excellent treatment ideas.”
—J. Ankenmann, Edmonton, Senior Ortho PT

“Engaging, easy to understand and follow, very good at presenting info in a simple, easy to understand way that keeps the focus.”
—T. Spyk, Ontario, Athletic Therapist

“Great course. Lots of relevant info.”
—M. LeFort, Nova Scotia, Senior Ortho PT

“Presenter effective, knowledgeable and interesting.”
—M. MacDonald, Nova Scotia, Ortho PT

“Great, love having such a large practical component, including specifics of exercise prescription.”
—N. Laroche, Nova Scotia, Ortho PT

“Excellent - Highly Recommended”
—L. Hepditch, Nova Scotia, Ortho PT

“Clinical skills that are relevant and easy to apply into your daily practice immediately.”
—C. Kanerva, Ontario, Ortho PT

—B. Morrison, Calgary, Senior Ortho PT

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