Advanced Shoulder Practice
for Health Professionals.

Why Choose ASCS?

  1. Our Experience

    Our experience continues to grow in treating both common and rare disorders along with regular multidisciplinary management and rehabilitation. More than a decade has been spent in assessing and treating a variety of shoulder disorders representing more than 95% of our workload in clinical practice. 

  2. Our Quality

    All of our courses and forums are dedicated to clear instruction, detailed reasoning and ample practical and discussion time with the instructor(s). Information includes multidisciplinary management that combines information from specialists in radiology, surgery, neurology, rheumatology and sports medicine. 

  3. Our Feedback

    In our last teaching round, physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals ranked these courses highly (marks of 4.5 out of 5 across 100 professionals in over a dozen topics), from new graduates looking at advanced training to senior clinicians that had attended “all the shoulder courses”. View participant feedback

  4. Clinically Applied

    This is what guides our teaching syllabus. Busy clinicians wanting to provide even better outcomes for their patients. Streamlined assessment and diagnostics are taught along with treatment methods for both simple and complex disorders. 

  5. Immediate Effects

    These seminars and courses will allow you to apply a new working knowledge immediately and cut through the complexity of examining and treating the shoulder.


Upcoming Events 2017

Edmonton / Sherwood Park

Apr. 29-30
Mastering the Shoulder Level I


May. 27-28
Mastering the Shoulder Level I


Jun. 10-11
Mastering the Shoulder Level I

Vancouver / Kelowna

Jun. 17-18
Mastering the Shoulder Level I

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