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Advanced Training Courses & Seminars

Active Shoulder Clinical Seminars (ASCS) was born from a desire to teach the most comprehensive, evidence informed and clinically relevant information to physiotherapists and other health professionals covering all aspects of orthopedic shoulder management and rehabilitation.

The shoulder is one of the most complex and dynamic joints that continues to challenge every group in the rehabilitation team. Our focus is to create and teach refined methods of examination and treatment. Our goal is to advance professional care and outcomes for this complex orthopedic region.

Advanced Training Courses for Shoulder Rehabilitation

Our courses offer the opportunity to provide advanced care in your clinical practice. These courses will help you develop a reputation for expertise with your patients and solving complex shoulder problems.

Mastering the Shoulder - Level I: Essential Orthopedics and Level II: Advanced Orthopedics courses are taught by the Lead Presenter. The final Level III courses will be offered in 2018 or 2019 as professionals continue to complete Level II courses. Level I will be offered across Canada for 2016 and Level I and II for 2017 onwards.

Course Overview

Multidisciplinary Seminars for Today’s Professional

HOT TOPICS is our biennial practice update offering a one day specialist seminar for the
busy health professional. We offer an interactive and challenging professional development day
to keep your practice current whether you work in a mixed practice setting or you are offering 
a sub specialty in your clinic.

With our one day seminar, HOT TOPICS will keep you updated on key topics from a range of specialists, focusing on current research, new rehabilitation methods and leading professional viewpoints.

This promises to be an excellent networking opportunity within and outside your profession with 
guest speakers selected from the fields of shoulder surgery, sports medicine, neurology, MSK 
radiology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Topics will change on a regular basis and we are working hard to offer this in Canada in
2017. More details on the HOT TOPICS page.


Upcoming Events 2017

Vancouver / Kelowna

Sep. 16-17
Mastering the Shoulder Level I


Sep. 30-1
Mastering the Shoulder Level I


Oct. 14-15
Mastering the Shoulder Advanced Level II


Oct. 21-22
Mastering the Shoulder Advanced Level II

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A much more advanced way of looking at the shoulder while simplifying my examination and treatment.

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