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Our Story

Active Shoulder Clinical Seminars (ASCS) was founded in 2014 and born from a desire to teach the most comprehensive, evidence informed and clinically relevant information to physiotherapists and allied health professionals. We offer a teaching program that moves well beyond university training and offers clinically tested methods for shoulder rehabilitation and management.

The shoulder is one of the most complex, dynamic and misunderstood joints in the anatomical chain and continues to challenge every group in the rehabilitation team. Our focus is to offer the most comprehensive post graduate teaching program available, through courses, multidisplinary seminars and masterclasses.

- Mastering the Shoulder Series is our complete teaching program from essential to specialty course topics focussing on expertise in shoulder rehabilitation.

- ActiveShoulder eMDS is our one day expert multidisciplinary seminar creating an interactive forum for rehabilitation, medical and surgical professionals.

Mastering the Shoulder Series

Our Mastering the Shoulder Series has been created to advance professional care through careful examination, imaging interpretation, tissue specific treatment plans and best use of multidiscpilinary options (pharmacology, injection techniques and surgical choices). Simply put, we want to offer the best teaching program that provides logical, evidence informed methods for solving shoulder and associated upper quadrant disorders. 

Mastering the Shoulder Series

Mastering the Shoulder is a three part series of two day post graduate courses designed specifically for physiotherapists and allied health professionals. These courses have been developed through sub-specialty rehabilitation practice in the physiotherapy field. Our courses are based on current research, extensive clinical testing and tissue specific treatment (TST) protocols. 

Cameron Bennett is the course instructor for all Candian courses and has offered sole rehabilitation practice in shoulder disorders for the past 15 years. His expertise is offered clinically in two busy practices in British Columbia, Canada with a sole focus on shoulder rehabilitation. Cameron's formal training includes degrees in Science, Physiotherapy and a Master's in Musculosketetal Physiotherapy. Click on the Lead Presenter tab to learn more...

Each course covers a variety of shoulder rehabilitation instruction - from essential to specialty topics. We look at comprehensive physical rehabilitation,  non-surgical & surgical options for a range of shoulder disorders. 

Mastering the Shoulder Level I: The Essential Course

Our first course covers comprehensive examination and shoulder differentials along with key treatment strategies for many common shoulder disorders. Accelerated rehabilitation is taught for adhesive capsulitis (two-three months - 95% movement recovery independent of phase), OA exercise routines, progressive exercise training for tendinopathy disorders, specific protocols for cuff tears (size and position dependent) and key therapeutic techniques for preventing chronic post AC joint separation pain. Click on the Level I course tab for more...

Mastering the Shoulder Level II: The Advanced Course

Our second course continues with the harder to treat shoulder topics - a must for any practitioner wanting to offer comprehensive clinical care for shoulder disorders. We teach more complex examination techniques, key metrics for improving your diagnostic accuracy, rehabilitating shoulder replacements to their potential and managing an array of shoulder instability complaints. Day two of this course covers two very difficult topics - calcific tendinopathy and scapula dyskinesias. Both of these subjects require extensive clinical experience and a broad understanding of the clinical decision making necessary to provide successful treatment. Click on the Level II course tab for more...

We offer the option for Advanced certification after completion of the Advanced course (CASP). 

Mastering the Shoulder Level III: The Specialty Course

Our final course focusses on the required knowledge to offer comprehensive upper quadrant recovery with an emphasis on therapeutic cervical exercise, integrating scapula control and adding several specialty shoulder topics. We teach a range of cervical spine exercise progressions from introductory DCNF drills through to high level movement and strength training. A critical review of manual therapy options and post surgical protocols for the shoulder is undertaken. We highlight difficult neurovascular disorders of the shoulder as well as the common pathologies related to many athletic movements or sports. Three case study challenges are included to help refine your ability to manage and treat i) chronic shoulder, ii) complex shoulder and iii) whole quadrant disorders. Click on the Level III course tab for more...

We offer the option for Specialty certification after completion of the Specialty course (CSSP).

ActiveShoulder eMDS

ActiveShoulder eMDS is our sponsored single day forum designed to bring various specialities in orthopedic medicine together. We will present current controversies, updates in surgery and rehabilitation, and new medical innovations along with promoting interdisciplinary discussions among the group.

Opportunities to meet with your peers in an interactive forum are normally very limited and we are pleased to offer this seminar as a method of bringing together many members of the orthopedic shoulder world. Keynote speakers will be selected from fields of surgery, radiology, sports medicine and physiotherapy. This promises to be an excellent opportunity for peer to peer contact within and outside your profession.

Topics will change on a regular basis and we are in process of selecting key speakers for this event. Further details will be released as they become available.

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Mar. 17-18
Mastering the Shoulder Essential Level I

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Mastering the Shoulder Essential Level I


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Mastering the Shoulder Essential Level I


May. 26-27
Mastering the Shoulder Advanced Level II

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A much more advanced way of looking at the shoulder while simplifying my examination and treatment.

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